Little Chinese Girl

Little Chinese Girl

Monday, November 4, 2013

Finally a little progress!

We'll, we got our LOA from China and they had Aria marked as a boy. Last time I checked, she was missing that bit. So to get it corrected took another 2 1/2 weeks on top of the 63 day that we already waited. Well, so there we were not being able to do anything. I finally got the correct one, sent it to USCIS to finish the I800 process. We were approved!!! Now I have to get the NVC letter, file for a DS-260, wait for our Article 5 from China, make travel plans and apply for our visa's. After all of that is done we can travel to China to pickup our sweet little girl!
Hoping to have her before Christmas, but not holding my breath. It seems like if something can go wrong, it has.

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